Florida Outdoor Installation Considerations

Boilers installed outdoors in warm, humid environments have their own unique set of considerations.  Freezing conditions are not a major concern in Florida, however large temperature swings can affect combustion.  Rain and high humidity also can damage the boiler and components affecting the ability to safely operate.

Here are some considerations/suggestions to implement into your installation strategy:

  1. Notify the manufacturer of the installation location. In some cases, the manufacturer can design the equipment to withstand the harsh installation space.
  2. Install a “lean to” or “doghouse” to protect the boiler equipment from the sun and rain. Make sure there’s enough coverage to prevent driving rain from reaching the equipment.  Components exposed to the environment will require the correct NEMA listing to prevent water damage.
  3. High humidity can cause problems with corrosion and premature failure of components. A common method of dealing with this is to place critical controls in a cabinet and control the environment inside the cabinet. 
  4. High temperature operating conditions. Many control cabinets and devices associated with a boiler plant have a maximum operating temperature range.  Cabinet air conditioners are available for these types of installations or consider changing the component suited for the temperature it will be located.
  5. Large swings in air temperature will result in large swings in excess air of the burner. Burner fans provide a constant volume of air, and the density of the air changes with temperature. For example, changing from 40°F to 120°F will result in a 15% change in excess air (the burner could go from 20% to 5% excess air). There are controls that can help this (oxygen trim) and seasonal tune ups can greatly reduce the variations.
  6. Dust and airborne particles. Combustion fans, screens, exhaust fans, burner inlets, electrical cabinets and other items need to be filtered and monitored for cleanliness. 
  7. When you keep the area open, you need to consider you might get some unwelcome visitors such as bugs, rodents, reptiles, and even small mammals. Make sure you consider deterrents to the obvious.


These recommendations are provided as consideration to the safe operation and performance of industrial boiler room equipment.  Boiler technologies Unlimited, LLC, shall-have no responsibility for labor or work on any nature relating to the installation or operation or use of equipment, all of which shall be performed by others.

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